2022 Girl’s East Captains/Veterans Basketball game

The annual Girl’s East Captains/Veterans Basketball game was held at WCI on Wednesday, November 30th. This year’s game pitted “A” versus “AA” schools in a combined junior/senior match. The “AA” squad came out on top, 55-44 in a spirited affair full of intense defensive action and deep three-balls. Liza Strik (CASS) led all scorers with 14 points and 5 rebounds claiming the “AA” Senior MVP and Sydney Champion (LDSS) was crowned the “A” Senior MVP leading her team with 11 points and 4 rebounds. The junior “A” MVP went to Morgan Smith (WCI) with a ridiculous stat line of 6 points, 9 boards, 5 assists, and 6 steals and Chloe Jones (CASS) took home the junior “AA” MVP with 8 points and 9 boards. Overall, the game raised over $700 for WCI’s Festive Campaign which is assisting Oxford CAS over the holiday season. 

“A” Team

WCI Morgan Smith   13

WCI Isabella Clarke   6

WCI Claire Harmer  11

WCI Peyton Barron   4

WCI Autumn Vance 24

WCI Laurissa Egan   3

WCI Sophie Pow    2

WCI Lily Pullen   27

LDSS Mackenna Brown  12

LDSS Jocelyn Pollard   2

LDSS Mya Stellar  11

LDSS Peyton Wessel  15

LDSS Sydney Champion  23

LDSS Olivia McMichael  22

LDSS Jordyn Patterson   15

LDSS Ava Steller  11

“AA” Team

CASS Taylor Allcock  23

CASS Chloe Jones  22

CASS Maryan Siddiqui  5

CASS Kyleigh Sim  21

CASS Brooklyn Highley  24

CASS Abby Miller  4

CASS Jada Miller  13

CASS Liza Strik  11

HP Olivia Elias  12

HP Hailey Lupton  14

HP Jorja Mayes  30

HP Xandra Babos  12

HP Jaden Jorgensen  14

HP Emily Lupton  15

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