Week 1

ELEMENTS OF RISK FORM – Please ensure you have read this and that your parents/guardians understand and agree to the elements of risk before you participate in these workouts.

TrainerWorkout TypeEquipmentTimeVideo
Madi BooneFull Bodynone35 minsLINK
Mitch StewartCardio & Full BodySkipping rope
Mini resistance bands Resistance bands
40 minsLINK
Trevor WilliamsonLateral Movement Workoutnone20 minsLINK
Josh KirkpatrickFull BodyMini resistance bands33 minsLINK
Malak El-SalehFull Bodynone20 minsLINK
Kari SchneiderIntroductionnone5 minsLINK
Kari SchneiderLevel 1.1 MVMT Prep Key Cuesnone5 minsLINK