Congratulations 2022-23 TVRA Football Award Winners

After 2 and a half long years, it has been such a joy to be back in the saddle coordinating and administering sport and more importantly, watching the student-athletes and coaches on the field practicing and competing.

Thank you to all of our committed coaching staff. These are people who go to great lengths to ensure our students have the opportunities to compete in a sport that they love.  Your passion and dedication to the sport and students in your schools is exemplary.

Thank you to both Tim Clayton and Mike Darling for convening the football season.  The countless hours they put in behind the scenes to ensure we had a schedule created and uploaded to the website, officials booked, locations secured, contracts sent and signed, regular email communication and the list goes on. 

Congratulations to all of the award winners.

Allen Award Winners (TOP LINEMAN) – Nate Large AB Lucas & Damian Chmielinksi CCH
Anderson Award (STUDENT ATHLETE LEADER IN COMMUNITY) – Wes McLennan St. Joes and Kaden Kublinskas Oakridge
Gooder Award (MVP) – Ben Kurbegovic Laurier SS and Brennan Keba CCH
Gleason Award – Nick Metron STA Marcus Award – Noah Williams Clarke Road SS
Circelli Award (Coach of the Year LDA) – Alex Kurowski
Vouvailidis Award (Coach of the Year) – Fred Holden

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