SPECTRA 2022 Award Winners

Each graduating year, an exceptional young male and female high school student from London & surrounding area that contributes to their community, excels in athletics and academics and is a leader in their school will win the SPECTRA Award.

SPECTRA was established in memory of Alex Kelman who passed away in December 1982. Alex was a long-time sportscaster at CFPL and a founding member of the Sports Celebrity Dinner & Auction, which benefits Thames Valley Children’s Centre.

This year, the Sports Celebrity Dinner and Auction was cancelled so the TVRA Advisory Committee decided to carry the torch and continue with the event.

Nominees for award must be in their graduating year of high school. S.P.E.C.T.R.A. stands for SPORTSMANSHIP, PARTICIPATION, EXCELLENCE, CHARACTER, TEAMWORK, RESPECT, AND ACHIEVEMENT. Nominees should exemplify all these characteristics.

This years winners are excellent examples of all of these qualities.

Our female winner this is year is Alyssa Da Silva and attends CCH. She participated in multiple sports, excelling in both basketball and badminton. One thing that really stood out to the committee was her contribution to the London Miracle Movement that helped raise funds for the Children’s Health Foundation. This year, she took on the lead role in spearheading that committee.

Our male winner this year is Aiden Atcheson from London Central. He participated in various sports, excelling in basketball, volleyball, and track. Most notably, Aiden was the school’s SAA president for the last 2 years of high school and was an integral part in bringing football back to the school.

Congratulations to both Alyssa and Aiden!

Posted by mlange