2022 Boys Captains/Veterans Basketball games

The return of our annual TVRA East Boys Captains/Veterans basketball game was played on Thursday, April 7th in front of a live crowd. It was an awesome experience to have family and friends as fans cheering on the boys. This year our game raised over $700 for the Canadian Red Cross’ Ukrainian Humanitarian Effort! 

Junior game: In a dominant performance, the City defeated the County 103-66. Great ball movement and fast breaking highlighted this spirited affair.
Leading scorers:

City MVP – Adomas Mickevicius (Huron Park) – 22 points

Noah Clements (WCI) – 12 points, 7 rebounds

County MVP – Terry Kummer (Dorchester) – 11 points, 7 rebounds

Nathan Kapitor (IDCI) – 9 points, 3 rebounds

Senior Game: The City handily defeated the County 106-62. Three balls were raining as almost every player knocked down a long range shot!
Leading scorers:

City MVP – Tavis Gall (CASS) – 23 points, 4 rebounds

Jayden Mitchell (Huron Park) – 19 points, 4 rebounds

County MVP – Harsh Patel (Glendale) – 13 points, 3 rebounds

Adam McDonald (Dorchester) – 12 points

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