LDA Mr. Volleyball

This year’s winner of the LDA Mr. Volleyball award is Owen Waterhouse from St. Joseph’s Catholic Secondary School St. Thomas.

Owen has played the last 3 years with LVC in London and for the last 5 years has been playing OVA Beach Volleyball as well.

Owen has been an outstanding volleyball player since his junior volleyball days, where he helped St. Joseph’s to a WOSSAA berth as a grade 9. He has continued to develop and in his senior years helped St. Joseph’s reach the “AA” LDA Senior Boys Final as a Grade 11 and as a 5th year. Anyone who watches Owen play can really see that he cares about the game of volleyball, and how hard he works on his craft. He was undoubtedly one of the top players in the LDA this year and has been a pleasure to watch and coach.

Owen is a quiet leader who leads by example, is vocal when he needs to be and always puts the team first. Owen has been a coach’s dream. He never missed a practice, never spoke back to his coach, and always had the respect of his coaches, teammates, and opponents. He went on the court and played the game the right way. He has had a huge impact on the volleyball program, helping the program develop immensely over the last 5 years, and he will be greatly missed. Congratulations and best of luck in the future Owen!

Posted by mlange