LDA Fran Wigston Award

Congratulations to Althea Ebreo on being recognized for the 2021 Fran Wigston Award of the LDA conference, which is presented to a graduating female basketball player who has contributed significantly to their school’s basketball program and possesses outstanding basketball skills, athleticism, and leadership.

Althea is a passionate and hard-working individual with a strong sense of discipline. She has a competitive drive with a positive outlook to her personal and team goals. She is a determined, dedicated competitor. She made her first mark making the senior girls basketball team at CCH as a grade 10 and she easily filled a starting role. That year in 2019, she and her team won WOSSAA and attended OFSAA, but unfortunately her career fell short that season with an ACL tear. She worked very hard during her offseason to come back even stronger.

Althea is adaptive and recognizes that while the team works together for a win, she also will step up in a situation where leadership is required and execute accordingly. Her confidence helps to enable her mentoring type demeanor, which is recognized by both her peers and her coaches. Her ongoing efforts to turn a stressful or negative situation in a game or on the bench into a positive and enlightening experience for both she and the team is one of many examples of how she brings out the best in her teammates and her competitors. Her tenacity and commitment to succeed individually is almost as rewarding as watching her share her success with the team. Althea is in essence a leader.

She has demonstrated a unique ability to transcend what is merely required of her in order to make herself and those around her exceed expectations. Her sense of goal setting and self-evaluation encourage those around her to strive to reach their own potential. Althea has a tireless work ethic that separates her from her peers; this is seen each day during practice and on the court during games.

Althea is a very coachable, likeable student athlete who has made an exceptional contribution to basketball at Catholic Central High School.

Posted by mlange