Congratulations Medway Boys Rugby Team!

Not too long ago most of Medway Cowboys Rugby (MCR) players decided to give rugby a try for the first time.  The team decided their goal was to compete for a provincial championship, a monumental challenge, to which they successfully responded. MCR is a culture that understands that it takes everything, everyday, to be better together. The players pushed their boundaries in training and worked extremely hard as a group, always gearing toward OFSAA Gold. 

Medway hosted the 2023 AAA OFSAA Boys’ Rugby Championship.  OFSAA is a wild time and every team there is on an incredible journey. MCR was fun to watch, they gave everything and attacked every minute of each game with infectious enthusiasm. The road to OFSAA Gold is never smooth and flat, the bumps and falls are all very real.  MCR has won ONE OFSAA Gold, MCR has been to over twenty OFSAA Championships. Painfully, sometimes you just have to take your hat off to the other team, and MCR lost OFSAA Game 1 by 3 points. 

The breakdown in OFSAA Game 1 was the breakthrough they needed.  OFSAA Games 2,3 and 4 is when MCR balled out, winning THREE make or break games in a row showing what they were made of.  MCR became OFSAA ANIMALS, cranking it up more and then even more from one game to the next and turning in their best performances at the highest level.  The boys kept cool heads while playing with the highest intensity and made the right decisions under pressure. The desire of MCR in their final three games was greater than the opposition, that is powerful.

MCR knows what success is and what it takes to get there. At the 2023 AAA OFSAA Boys’ Rugby Championship, MCR showed how far they had come as a team, as well as how much they expected of themselves and each other.  The 2023 MCR team is privileged to have had this journey together.  MCR is back and very close to returning to where they once were, the unbeatable powerhouse of Ontario high school rugby. In 2023, MCR was the AAA OFSAA Boys’ Rugby Consolation Champions. 

Posted by mlange