Coach Jamie Neilson Creating a Legacy at Oakridge Secondary School

From a parent’s perspective, having Jamie as a coach is a feeling of joy and happiness. From a coach’s perspective, I spent the last 15+ years coaching against Jamie and the Oaks. I can explicitly remember coaching against him and the teams he has had throughout the years. As a female coach coaching boys in volleyball, I had to work hard to get the respect of my coaching peers, referees, and fans. Jamie always respected me – FROM DAY 1. We would chat about strategy, compare notes, and discuss different game plans against different teams. When I started fundraising for the gym floor at Westminster Secondary School, he was one of my biggest supporters, attending events and always checking in to see the progress that was being made. Jamie is in the fabric of Oakridge Volleyball, Forest City Volleyball, and an excellent role model for young adults! I am proud of this article and I am grateful to call him my friend. – Michelle Lange

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