Kelly Welch Recipient of the Pete Beach Award

Pete Beach was a former Executive Director of OFSAA whose life was dedicated to sport and helping others, especially young people, achieve their full potential. Under his leadership, OFSAA expanded from 7 Associations to 15 and 300 schools to 580.

Each association is permitted to nominate and award one coach each year this prestigious award. These winners exemplify the same dedication, spirit and love of sport that made Pete Beach such a success in both his professional and private life.

This year, TVRA awarded Kelly Welch for this award. Kelly is a humble, hard-working, dedicated teacher and coach and has given much of his time to education and sport. He has also been the Athletic Director at West Elgin Secondary School for the pasts 16 years and many people know that this is a time consuming and usually thankless job.

Kelly’s coaching and athletic administrative resume should be admired:

  • HPE (and science) Teacher – 25 years
  • Volleyball coach(boys and girls) – 25 years
  • Badminton coach – 15 years
  • Boys golf coach – several years
  • Athletic Director – 16 years
  • TVRA SW Volleyball league convenor – 8 years
  • TVRA Volleyball SAC member – 10 years
  • TVRA Executive / Advisory council member – 14 years
  • WOSSA representative – 14 years
  • WOSSA Executive member – 10+ years
  • WOSSA Vice President – 2 years
  • WOSSA President – 2 years

Congratulations Kelly on your award! Well-deserved!

From left to right: Michelle Lange (TVRA Athletic Coordinator), Kelly Welch (Teacher-Coach, West Elgin SS, Tim Clayton, WOSSAA Director)
Kelly Welch, Pete Beach Award Winner

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