Spectators for the Fall Championships

The Thames Valley Regional Athletic Association is excited to invite spectators back into our schools for the final event for each fall athletic championship

Each participant will be permitted to have 2 spectator entries per event

TVRA has hired security for each of these events that will take care of checking vaccines & identification, ensuring capacity limits, and contact tracing.  

The following outlines the procedures we have put in place for these events.

  1. Everyone attending the event over the age of 12 must provide proof of vaccination
  2. Masks must be worn at all times by everyone (except by active participants on the floor)
  3. All spectators must exit prior to the start of the next game (in double-header situations)
  4. No re-entry of facility
  5. Security will track numbers & complete logs for contact tracing
  6. Each event will have a separate log

Please keep an eye on the TVRA website under schedules to see where and when the final games will be held.

Posted by mlange