TVRA Girls’ Golf Championships

The TVRA Girls’ Central and Tri-County Golf Championships were held at Dorchester Golf Club on Tuesday, Sept 20. The STA Flames have repeated as the TVRA Central “A” Champions girls golf 1shooting a combined team score of 265. Team members are Alyssa Burgess, Payton Sparling and   J. J. Sparling. Due to lack of entries in the Tri-County “A” Flight, a champion was not presented this year. 

Individual champions in the A Flight were Alyssaa Burgess (STA) and Rylie Grogan (MTS) who both shot 74 in TVRA Central. Haley Barclay of SDCI shot an outstanding 65 to win the Individual A Flight championship in Tri-County.


Haley Barclay – SDCI

girls golf 5



In B Flight action in Tri-County, the Strathroy Saints won the title, with a team total of 185. Team members included: Morgan Getliffe, Maddy Beaulieu, Abby Wilcox and Avery Pascoa. Caitlin Moss of Woodstock Collegiate captured the individual title with a 9 hole score of 43. girls golf 3


There was not a B Flight team champion presented this year in TVRA Central. Hailey Teixeira of Beal shot 62 to win the individual title.

Individual B Flight Champions Hailey Teixeira (Beal) and Caitlin Moss (WCI). girls golf 2




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