Boys Basketball celebrates the season with All Star game

All participants had a great time at the boys basketball all-star game held last week. The student athletes were amazing ! They played well, played hard and represented their schools with the utmost class. Thank you again to the referees of the LBBO for volunteering their time. Thank you to our DJ, Ryan Higgins, who did a fantastic job with the music the entire night. We also had a number of students from Beal volunteering their time to help make the night run smoothly. The venue was perfect and the halftime show was well done. Thank you to Jamie Clark, Ian McConnell and Richard Mommersteeg respectively for their efforts. It was also really special that Denise Pelley (Jason Edmonds’ Mum) sang the National Anthem. She did a beautiful job. Members of Shaun Lodge’s family were also on hand. All in all, a fun night thanks to so many contributions from so many people. TVRA’s major basketball awards were also presented. Josh Dinh from Beal and Vicent Carriere from JPII were presented with the Ted Earley Award (outstanding graduating year 4 player with a focus on academics, sportsmanship and community service). The Mr. Basketball Award (outstanding player) was also presented to Hadi Akle of Beal and Jake Price from JPII. Congratulations to all of the nominees of these prestigious awards.

Boys Basketball All Star Program 2016

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